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  • Jim Felmlee

Kitchen - Cooking on the micro scale!

Microwaves have become a vital part of every kitchen. Unfortunately they have been given little consideration in design. This lack of good design is regarding the two most fundamental aspects of the microwave. First is the potential for something very hot to be removed from the unit, like soup. So naturally the best place for it is up high over a hot stove. Ouch! The microwave/hood is probably the worst and most dangerous appliance ever made. Not only is the placement potentially hazardous, it also limits the use of your cooktop, making it difficult to reach the back burners, but also limiting the size of pots you can cook with since the bottom of the unit is lower than the cabinets on either side.

The best location for a microwave is around countertop height with a landing surface to the right of the unit. This is because all microwaves are made with the hinge on the left side. This is a highly used appliance – a little planning can make a big difference in creating a safe and well functioning kitchen.

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