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Kitchen - Keep it clean!

The sink is another heavily used fixture in the kitchen. The ages have transformed the kitchen sink. Originally, the sink was a single, large basin to which water was hauled to facilitate cleaning. When plumbing was brought into the house the sink was divided and used to help prepare meals as well as clean. Now one could wash and rinse. The disposal improved this process as well, making it even easier to prepare meals. The dishwasher changed the sink further by bringing back the single bowl since hand-washing dishes was no longer necessary. Further, the “prep” sink – a small, single bowl sink located away from the main sink, made meal preparation even easier and allowed for multiple cooks to work simultaneously. Unlike other appliances and fixtures, there are very few rules regarding the sink. Each person has their own preferences.

Dishwashers go hand-in-hand with sinks. The biggest issue is to make sure you plan for the door in the open position. I have seen kitchens with the dishwasher in the corner and the sink adjacent. This does not allow anyone to stand in front of the sink and load the dishwasher. OOPS! That is not a mistake you want to discover after the kitchen is installed. So find the sink that works well for you and don’t put the dishwasher in the corner.

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