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The Master Suite - Safety begins at home . . . in the bathroom!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Convenience has played a huge role in the development of the modern bath. This epitome of this evolution has been termed the ‘5-piece bath’. It can easily be inferred from this creative title that there are five key elements to the modern master bath. These elements are two vanities, a water closet (or toilet for those who are not offended by the common term), the tub and the shower. Notice that the tub and the shower are listed separately. This is for a few reasons. First – the tub should be better than that for any standard bathroom. This should epitomize luxury. It should be larger and deeper and for most people it should include jets. [A side not with jets – If you want to be happy with your tub for all the years you own it, the jets should circulate through an in-line heater so your water doesn’t get cold too fast, and the pipes (or tubing) should be rigid and sloped for positive drainage. Do NOT get a tub with corrugated tubing. The water will collect in the ribs and mold so you get a cloud of green mold pumped into your tub when you turn on your jets – now back to our regular programming.] The next reason the tub and shower are separated is because the shower has so many options for shower heads. A truly luxurious shower has shower heads on all the walls which can be adjusted and manipulated to give therapeutic massage thus optimizing relaxation.

The dual vanities have gone through an evolution process of their own. Naturally this is so each homeowner can have a sink all to themselves. (So now you are responsible for cleaning up your own toothpaste splatters and whisker clippings.) When more space is available, separating the two vanities to opposite sides of the bathroom and providing her with a grooming station/make-up counter will make life a little more enjoyable in the mornings. With no bumping elbows she can avoid stabbing herself in the eye with the eye-liner and he can avoid nicking himself with the razor. Life is good and the drive to work is a little more enjoyable!

So to keep harmony and bliss in your life – make the 5-piece bath part of your Master Suite.

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