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  • Jim Felmlee

The Master Suite - the Powder Puff Soliloquies!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

In ages past the bathroom was only thought of as a place to clean yourself up and relieve "internal pressure". To some it held the bar of soap mom used to clean a dirty mouth – yuck! (Fond memories) With today’s spa like master suites the vanity counter has also transformed from a vessel to wash your hands to a vital necessity in getting ready for every event. Whether it is preparing for usual daily activities or preparing for the sophisticated holiday gala.

If you are a simple person with simple needs then perhaps the single bowl vanity will work for you. If you like to spend some time getting ready for special events or if you and your spouse battle the bathroom at the same time then a double bowl vanity will likely suit your needs better. But if you are the one who likes to pamper yourself then a grooming station would be your best solution.

The grooming station should be furnished with a plush stool and framed with a large mirror behind a spacious cosmetics display. This, naturally, should be positioned away from his simple vanity with token mirror (to compliment your station of course). You should not have to witness him trimming his nose hairs while you capture your natural radiance!

The spa needn't be something you visit occasionally. Bring it home and give yourself the pampering you so richly deserve every day!

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