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The Master Suite - When in Rome . . .

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The water closet . . . because, face it, it sounds better than toilet. The saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” is, in part, reference to this. In ancient Roman times, the toilet was a series of holes on a bench placed at the perimeter of the main public square and exposed for all to see. Several feet below this bench was a running stream that carried the waste away to streams and rivers. In front of this bench was a trough of flowing water which contained several sponges on sticks you used to clean yourself when you were done with business. In the home, a seat with a hole and similar sponge in a bucket was placed next to the main cooking area. Water for cleaning was then dumped down the hole to wash away any waste. To think this was the most advanced civilization in the world at the time. Thankfully we have progressed a bit since then, although the concept of sitting over a hole has not changed much, at least there is privacy and it is not part of the kitchen!

Now, many master suites have a separate room designated for the water closet. And gaining popularity is the bidet. (Although I still prefer the good ole reliable TP). No matter your preference it is nice to have a separate area to do your business and if you enjoy a hearty bowl of chili – be sure you have a powerful fan and perhaps a few layers of insulation to muffle the sound!

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