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  • Jim Felmlee

The Master Suite - Where to plant your tuchus!

The Master Suite has evolved in many ways. It has grown and expanded to include more features and characteristics which have become almost a necessity. One of these necessities is the sitting room. After all who wants to sit on the bed to read a book when you could have an overstuffed armchair with an equally plush ottoman? This was once accommodated by simply enlarging the bedroom and putting a chair in the corner. But that phase did not last long. Soon separate rooms for the sitting area were necessary, the corner was too restricting. This led to the incorporation of a fireplace and entertainment. Who wants to curl up with a good book on cold Colorado winter days with no fireplace? So now it is a question of how separated do you want the sitting area? Do you want to enjoy the fireplace from the bed as well as the sitting area? What about the TV? The truth is that having a private area can help to make the day a little more enjoyable. Even waking up and facing the day can become more bearable with a well-planned Master Suite. Some have made the morning more welcome by incorporating a breakfast station so they can have morning treat without having travel all the way to the kitchen. So find out how you want to start and end your day and plan your Master Suite to help you reduce the daily stresses which can make a monster out of anyone.

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