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A Guy A Pencil and A Plan

Jim Felmlee

President / Architect

AGAPP founder, Jim Felmlee, specializes in residential design. His desire to create homes started at an early age. His earliest memories include creating simplistic stick-figure plans for each member of his family. This desire blossomed when he started working for a small residential firm in 1998 while attending the University of Colorado in Boulder.  He progressed to a much larger firm where he was introduced to multi-family projects ranging in scale from small townhome developments to condominium buildings with more than 400 units per building. He has also worked on designs for club houses and community centers. In 2009 he started his own firm focusing on single family custom homes.  His experience has given him greater understanding and working knowledge of building and accessibility codes. Because of the variations of those codes, as adapted and revised within different municipalities, and the many requirements of Home Owners Associations, he frequently studies and reviews requirements to ensure project compliance. 

Jim is married and has 4 wonderful children. Understanding the demands of a busy lifestyle, and how your home can be a refuge from these demands, is another aspect of his experience. He can work within your busy schedule, get your design done in a timely manner, and help you create a home that can be your retreat. Put his knowledge, experience, and creativity to work for you.

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